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THE STRUCTURE: Offshore Co. owns a Spanish Co. which in turn owns a Spanish Property:: HOW NOT TO AVOID PAYMENTS OF TAXES AND LIABILITIES.

Over 30 years ago, advertisements were published in Spain which basically said that the best option to buy a property in Spain was to do it through a offshore company, as payment of transfer tax, inheritance tax etc would thus be avoided in future. Advertisements were published at the time in Spanish newspaper of the […]

LA ESTRUCTURA: Sociedad Offshore que es propietaria de →Sociedad española, que a su vez es propietaria de → una propiedad en España: COMO NO SE EVITA EL PAGO DE IMPUESTOS ESPAÑOLES Y RESPONSABILIDADES

   Hace más de 30 años se publicaron en España anuncios en los  que se  venía a decir que lo mejor para adquirir en España una  propiedad erahacerlo en nombre de una sociedad “offshore”  (paraíso fiscal, territorio de  nula tributación, etc.) y así se evitaba  en el futuro los impuestos de transmisiones patrimoniales, de   […]


      As part of the events which took place during the “MARBELLA LUXURY WEEKEND” from 30th May to 2nd June 2013, the 2nd  «Management and Leadership in Uncertain Times» Forum La Zagaleta was held with great success. In her keynote speech, the Mayor of Marbella provided relevant data concerning tourist activities in Marbella and […]

Reduction in property tax in the town of Estepona (Málaga)

Estepona Council has approved an important 60% reduction in the municipal tax on capital appreciation of real property (Plusvalía) which is payable on the transfer of dwellings and other real property regardless of whether such a transfer generates a profit or a loss. The Council has further agreed to reduce the I.B.I. (Local Rates) Tax […]