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The Spanish Bank Caja Rural de Granada offers mortgages to purchase properties to residents and non-residents in Spain

logo_granada_ruralvia                                                Avda. Don Bosco, 2
Teléfono: 958 242 400
Fáx: 958 242 424


Amount of the mortgage                                             up to 60%LTV
Interest Rate every 6 months                                     Euribor + 1.25%
Set up fee                                                                                    0%
Early repayment fee                                                                 0%
Term of the mortgage up to                                                   75 years old
Contribution to the share capital                                         75€
(the bank will refund this contribution at the end of the mortgage)


Monthly deposits of 1,500eu to your current account
Set up Debit card
Internet access service activated
Life insurance
Home insurance, for the minimum building value to insure annual payment
approx of 200 euros.

If the client has not set up requirements above the rate will be of Euribor + 2,65%

Documents we require for the survey of the mortgage application:
-Last three month payslips
-Last two years P60 or Income Tax Return
-For self employed Balance sheet and P&L account, certified letter from
-Assets and liabilities report
-Details for any additional income
-Last three bank statements

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information

Kind Regards
Natalia Ortiz
Raúl López

Mortgage application subject to our loan department authorisation

April 2016

Note: Lizarza Lawyers published in this Blog this offer given its general interest.

Lizarza Lawyers has no agreement or business relationship with Caja Rural de Granada nor participates directly or indirectly in their products, if interested you shall contact the entity directly.

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